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Oregon City Covered Bridge

After visiting Phantom Falls today, we turned the Jeeps toward home.  Just down the road maybe .25 of a mile is a sign saying covered bridge!  Who passes up a sign like that?  We sure don’t, so we took a right turn and about .5 down the little country road we came upon this little covered bridge!  Being crazy Jeep people that we are, we parked all 3 Jeeps for a photo op.

I checked to see if there were any Geocaches in the area, to our surprise there were none!

I siezed the opportunity and placed one here, and after doing some research I found out that this is the youngest covered bridge in the state, built 1983.

My Geocache: GC6CBV1 Covered Bridge (Traditional Cache)created by Cali~Bear.

“Oregon City Covered Bridge, built in 1984, can claim it as the newest covered bridge in California. The bridge is near the Oregon City, CA, State Historical Landmark #807.”

Oregon City Covered Bridge, Oroville, CA – Covered Bridges on

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Celebrating the 4th of July

Fireworks on the Beach

Fireworks on the Beach

It’s a 3 day weekend and temperatures are hitting between 105 and 115 in Redding!  I know the coast is much cooler – Eureka is in the 70’s and 80’s much cooler than here in my hometown.  The problem is it’s the 3 day weekend and Eureka and the entire coast is very popular in the summer as well as when the temperatures go up around here. Put a request out for anyone that wanted to join me and Maricela texted me and said she was in!  YAYY!  Packed up the Jeep and left knowing I had a few friends that live over there and I also had some friends camping there too!

Received a warm welcome from Liz who has a little place over there and so Maricela and I unpacked the Jeep, popped open the tent and made our way to all the fun things to do up and down the coast!

Day 1:  Arrived at Eureka and heading south to set up camp, we grabbed Geocaches here and there when there was a place to park and was a quick on and off the road cache.  If was great just getting over to the cooler weather!

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Day 2: Ahhh it was nice to sleep in and it was really nice to sleep in the cooler weather!   Headed into town for breakfast and supplies for the 4th of July fireworks.  Grabbed the usual, chairs, ice, water snacks and headed into Ferndale for the 4th of July parade and festival!

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While we were enjoying the festival some friends called us up and asked if we wanted to go on the boat ride in Eureka! Rounded everyone up and headed up to Humboldt Bay and did a great little boat ride around the bay. Great way to see the Bay!

Humboldt Bay Harbor Cruise Motor Vessel MADAKET

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After the boat ride we walked over and had dinner at the Lost Coast Brewery and came back to enjoy the Festival while we waited for the Fireworks

Lost Coast Brewery | Welcome | Enjoy your visit!

4th of July Festival | Eureka Main Street


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Here they are the FIREWORKS!!  HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!

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Day 3:  No hurry today, we packed up everything first thing in the morning and headed up the coast.  First stop Founders Grove on the Avenue of the Giants Redwood Forest – WOW are these huge trees!! So beautiful and majestic!!  Great place to explore the forest!

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After exploring the Founders Grove we headed up Hwy 101 to the Ferdale Bridge: Fernbridge (bridge) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Moving on – we visited the Loleta Cheese Factory, sampled some yummy cheeses!

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Its getting close to lunch time… cheese samples held our hunger at bay until we got up to Woodley Island.  Woodley Island Marina | Humboldt Bay Harbor District , There was a Geocache there that I wanted to get, we had seen the island from the boat tour the day before, and it looked like a great place to explore.  We found the Geocache and visited the Memorials and the Table Bluff Lighthouse and then started out again when we noticed the restaurant!  We were craving some seafood so this was just the place!  We sat out on the patio and had a great lunch!!  Elvis the Seal showed up and entertained us.  Welcome to Cafe Marina in Eureka, California

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We were close enough to the Samoa OHV park that after lunch we took the Jeep down and played in the sand for a minute before heading home.

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Time to head for home… we will be back!

Last stop of the day on the way home, grabbed a great cup of coffee and sat on the patio: Wedding Venue & Retreat Center in Junction City, CA near Trinity River |Strawhouse Resorts

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Sean’s New Jeep!

Had a great time today out exploring the mountains of Northern California.  Sean came up to take delivery of his new Jeep and we just had to go off roading and get some dirt on it.  He picked a 4 door Rubicon in the Baja Yellow with all kinds of options on it. The destination was Harrison Gulch Ranger Station up on Knob Peak – see the link for the posted Geocache we placed.

GC5PGXW Harrison Gulch Ranger Station at Knob Hill (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by Cali~Bear.IMG_5476

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GC5P47X I don’t feel like cooking (Event Cache) in California, United States created by Cali~Bear

Come Join us for Pizza!
This is a Geocaching Event
Special raffle for this event!
I’m having food drive to help out a friend.

GC5P47X I don’t feel like cooking (Event Cache) in California, United States created by Cali~Bear.

Bring a canned or non perishable food item, every item You bring will get you a raffle ticket!! See you there!!


Munzees in Gilroy


What a fun place to Munee!  Teamed up with YoursTruly, Hans415 and OldZee and headed South to Gilroy.

Munzee held an Event down in Gilroy at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in 2013  Lots of Munzee’s were deployed so there were a lot of Munzee’s to capture!

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We spent the entire weekend tracking down Mystery’s, Diamonds and Virtuals, what a great weekend.  Met up with Fisherwoman for lunch on the last day and then headed home.  I was hoping to “Level up to 102” while I was there but by the time we started home it wasn’t in the bag.  Looked at my numbers and OldZee and I put our heads together thinking maybe it was doable on the trip home??

Well I – or rather WE did it!!  I leveled up to #102 – Very cool and it ended the Weekend Gilroy trip on an up note for me!!


Gilroy Munzee Team: Yours Truly, Hans415 and OldZee!


The above photo is Larry thinking he could fly AND capture a Mystery Munzee in mid flight…. lol


I did it!!!!!!  This last stop had a Mystery Munzee that gave me the points to push me up to Level 102!!!  Whoo hoo!!!





Black Butte-y is #10,000!

So honored that my best friends and fellow geocachers SeanStafford&GCWidow invited me along  to capture their 10,000 cache!!  Sean wanted to hike the Black Butte, with this Geocache as his goal: 

GCJJGZ Black Butte-y (Traditional Cache) in California by MtnMike

I am posting the honoree pictures first, as this was our goal for the hike.  Sean and Melissa’s #10,000 Geocache!  I was honored to be present!!  Scroll down for pictures of the beautiful hike to this goal.


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Today is the day!  We set our GPS‘s towards Black Butte and head out.  The weather looks great, we have water, snacks and Sean is hard to hold back at this point.  Sean and Melissa had attempted this geocache on a previous trip up Black Butte, however they encountered some muggles (non-geocachers) on the path down to the cache.  For whatever reason they would not move, not having much room to maneuver up there, and not having another way to the cache they had to abandon the goal.  This was not going to happen today, Sean was going to get his cache, and nothing was going to stop him!!  We parked at the trailhead, which was also a challenge to Sean and Melissa on their first attempt.  They never found the road into the trailhead, so they ended up hiking another mile just to get to the trail head.  This day is already off to a great start!!

To the top of Black Butte!

To the top of Black Butte!

Here we go… change the shoes, grab the water and we are off.  Melissa is in the lead, she was soon out of sight!  Sean and I are stopping to take pictures and making sure we are well hydrated.  The views are immediately gratifying.  Its a gradual hike up, the elevation gain is 1850 ft.

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For more information here on the trail:

Picturesque Muir's Peak (Black Butte, 6500 ft....

Picturesque Muir’s Peak (Black Butte, 6500 ft.), northern California, U. S. A., by H.C. White Co. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunset over Black Butte

Sunset over Black Butte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black Butte, California.

Black Butte, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking out from the Black Fox Fire Lookout

What a treat this was!!

I knew that this would be a great place to Jeep up to and I wasn’t disappointed.  After Sean (a long time friend and fellow geocacher) and I found all 601 Geocaches on the LPPT (Lemurian Playground) Power Trail we pointed the Jeep towards the direction of the GC3632G Black Fox (Look-out) by xpm-robin and Chinookcapt and made our way up.

The clouds began getting darker and darker, hoping it wouldn’t rain we crept slowly up the mountain.  We were soon looking across at Mt Shasta, Elevation 14,180.  We were not up that high, Black Fox is only 6,504 ft but it felt like we could reach out and touch the clouds they were so close!!  What a fun drive up here.  When we got to the lookout, Joel invited us up.  This lookout is an active fire lookout and Joel showed us around the tiny space he has called home for 20 years!  Imagine that!!

While we were there he had an actual call come in about a fire in his district.  This was the highlight of our weekend caching trip for me, I am sure Sean thought so too!!  Couldn’t top this so we headed back down and called it a day, but it was all great.  Caching our way through 601 caches on the LPPT, discovering all the treasures along the way.

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BIG BEAR’s birthday is no small event, at least it isn’t anymore! I thought it would be fun to celebrate BIG BEAR’s Birthday with all of our Geocaching Family. Neither BIG BEAR or I have family close by, and we love being with our Geocaching Family and Friends so we invited everybody to celebrate his birthday with us.

We published the Event and found out that there were 7 other birthday’s all within a month of BIG BEAR’s birthday. Well Geocaching friends are such great people, that’s one of the reason’s Geocaching is fun to do. Shampoodles and Ponytails, painted some great Geocaching rocks for the Gift Bags. We had a lot of Geocaches on the raffle table thanks to: OlCowboy, Georooks, Shampoodles, Ponytails, Dakotachix, Jeeperjones and Rat&Mushroom brought their signature Ammo Cans! Whoo Hoo… the raffle table was filling up!

I rented the Round Table Pizza Party room for 2 hours: 7-9 pm, I arrived at 6 to decorate and found out that they didn’t have my reservation for that day and time… so we just started filling up the tables and booths out in the Pizza restauraant area. And there was a birthday party already using the Party room that wasn’t scheduled to leave for another 2 hours… good thing we are flexible. The Manager at Round Table was awesome, “Penny” took over the sitution and the group with the birthday party left and hour earlier than they had planned. Thank you for that!

Geocachers were showing up left and right, no time to decorate, or so I thought. Lets just pick up our stuff and move to the Party room. Once in the room, Shampoodles, Ponytails and so many others started helping me decorate, I think Tink1914 team was putting up Party Zone banners, Shampoodles and I were putting down the table cloths. It was starting to look like a birthday party!!

RAT & MUSHROOM, Mushroom has a "Mush" stach!

RAT & MUSHROOM, Mushroom has a "Mush" stach!

While everybody ordered their pizza‘s and salads, we started things off with a Geocaching Bingo game mixer which I got here: Geocaching Online Resource Directory: Printables. For those who got a BINGO I had made custom Key Chain Lanyards with their Geocaching name on them to get as a prize, they were a hit!

After everybody had gotten their fill of Pizza I grabbed BIG BEAR and asked him to Emcee the Raffle. BIG BEAR is a natural at Emceeing! He had a great time calling out the numbers and having fun with everyone.

BIG BEAR emcees the raffle

BIG BEAR emcees the raffleCantseem helps BIG BEAR with the raflleBIG BEAR and OlCowboy

BIG BEAR & T2C with the Cake

BIG BEAR & T2C with the CakeBIG BEAR's Cake!

BIG BEAR blowing out the candles

BIG BEAR blowing out the candles

Now it’s time for the Birthday cake and Ice Cream. BIG BEAR didn’t know about the cake. Dakotachix and I were putting the candles on and lighting them while the raffle was winding down. As soon as the candles were lit we broke into the “Happy Birthday to You” song and brought the cake in. It was a Bear cake made out of Cupcakes, with a Garmin 60csx in one hand and a blue iPhone in the other hand with a T-Shirt that read: FTF on it! The cupcakes went fast, and then I forgot to bring out the ice cream. I took it home and BIG BEAR had some later, so all is good there.

Overall there were over 45 people that came, 2 hours was a little to short, I think next time I will do a 4 hour Event and I will get there 2 hours early to set up. I am not sure but it seemed like everybody got there an hour early, so if I want to decorate I need to be there way ahead of time to do it.

But what a great time we had, Thank you to all our Geocaching family for coming and honoring BIG BEAR and for contributing to the fun. We are going to make this an annual Event and have already started planning next year’s event!!

Honoring a Fallen Soldier: Chad Regelin-Earned 16 medals; Anderson High grad was Sailor of Year

Shampoodles called me and asked me if I wanted to stand on horseback with the Redding Rodeo group for Chad Reglein’s funeral procession… would I? Absoulutly!!

Tru2Cntry, Shampoodles, Ponytails & Heather

We were honored to stand by on horseback with flags held high, while the funeral procession wound it’s way from Anderson to the Igo Veterans Cemetary where Chad was laid to rest. We stood by with hundreds of people who lined the streets to honor this amazing young man that gave his life for our Country. We waived to all who were taking part in the line of cars, some were very decorated Military Officers, some were family in black limosines, and some were just part of the many friends and family that knew him and grew up with him. Most waived back and gave us a thumbs up too, some waived their kleenex and even some saluted, we tried to hold back our tears but they came anyway. Such a privilege to honor this young man and the life he gave up for me so that I have the freedom to live in America. Thank you Chad Reglelin, I did not know you personally but I wish I had and thank you for all you did for our country: The United States of America, may God Bless America!

More on Chad Regelin via Redding native Chad Regelin earned 16 medals; Anderson High grad was Sailor of Year » Redding Record Searchlight.

Thank you Shampoodles for asking me to be a part of such an amazing morning and thank you for letting me ride Goldfish, what a beautiful horse! I was honored to stand with you and Ponytails to salute Chads funeral procession

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After the funeral procession Shampoodles & Ponytails loaded up the horses and we all headed out to the Jelly’s Ferry area for a great afternoon of horseback riding and geocaching. The days are still short but we managed to get 5 Geocaches before heading back to the barn… Thank you Shampoodles was a great day!

GC1PKPC Moose Rides Again by Rocky, Bullwinkle & Moose
GC2AAKZ DBMC-Water- by denihike
GC1N7DW Lava Stronghold & Pool by Biojava
GC2AAKM DBMC-Air-by denihike
GC39Q17 Ponytails & Shampoodles Go Riding by ponytails

New Year – New Caching Adventure!

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New Years day typically starts off with getting together with friends and family and watching football,  or just relaxing after a hectic Christmas season.  This year we fired up the Jeeps, called our Geocaching Friends and said the weather is perfect lets go off road and grab some 5 star terrain Geocaches!  5 Star Terrain ususally means you need a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle which is why we all have Jeeps!!  What a blast this was, 7 Jeeps, 12 Geocachers: BIG BEAR, Lookout4 and Anna, Teco_mac, Cantseem, Playcache 1&2, JeeperJones 1&2, Crowshoot & Floflower… oh and Tru2Cntry,  2 non Geocachers (hey they have a Jeep, they qualify!) Lets all meet at 12:00 at the OHV4 Staging Area.

OHV4 Staging Area Meeting Place
Ok, we are all here… let the fun begin!


Teco_mac & Cantseem in my Jeep

Don & Liz

Crowshoot & Floflower

Now that we all made it up the gnarley part of the road, lets get to the Geocaches!!

GC2T00Z dakotas wreck site by cheater rick.

GCQEDE Route 4 – Most Difficult by dzdiver

GC2QADG T2C Hits 3000 by BIG BEAR.



The off roading continued up to the Hang Gliding Cache where we all broke out the food and had a picnic, the view from here was incredible and we were blessed with a beautiful day, great weather and the chance to share it with great friends!


The road back…

Larry’s trying to find another way out…

Jeep Rubicon Rock Crawling

Image via Wikipedia

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