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Second Time’s a Charm

GC1G1VQ Second Time’s a Charm by Desert(B)Rats

4/23/12 5:46 PM Find #5495
Let me just say first that I will never forget tonight!

We came last year in March and couldn’t get to the cache because the waterfall was raging and the water was really high, it wasn’t safe to cross over.  Tonight BIG BEAR says remember my cache: BIG BEAR AND A DICE CHECK that we didn’t have the coords to last year? If you have the coords we can go get it tonight, and it is right down the road from Second Time’s a Charm.  I thought we were on our way up to go visit Rat &Mushroom for their Anniversary and to see their new kitchen. I found the coords to BIG BEAR’s cache and we set our Nuvi on it.  After grabbing BIG BEAR AND A DICE CHECK cache and jumping back into the Jeep,  BIG BEAR starts heading up the road to Second Time’s a Charm.  I had no idea that we were going to go to the waterfall tonight, but I was all for it, I had always wanted to come back and be able to get the cache this and the second attempt was perfect.

We have all the coords, waypoints, parking coords, turn waypoints  in the GPS‘r and we start heading towards the fall, this cache has it all: PO, Ticks, Ants, Bushwacking, and no GPS signals,  but we hear the falls and we are getting closer, so we must be going in the right direction.
BIG BEAR yells “I see the falls!”  And as I come down off the trail (?)  I see them too!  They are flowing almost as much as last year!! LOL. Not to sure I want to cross the raging river but BIG BEAR encourages me all the way, I really didn’t want to bridge the gap from the rock to the log, I have much shorter legs than BIG BEAR, but he helped me make it on to the log and we got across to the side where the cache is. I left the iPhone, the Garmin Nuvi and the GPSr on the other side though so they wouldn’t fall into the water!  So with no coords, no GPSr, no hint BIG BEAR heads toward the cache, good thing BIG BEAR has a good memory he went right up the cliff to the cache!! WHOO HOO!! I stamp the log and get a Smiley this time!!

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Now the adventure begins!!

We start back down the way we came, hanging on the rocks, there is not much ground over there because the waterfall had cut the ground away. I was watching where I stepped very carefully but I made a wrong step and the  ground that I thought was there gave out from under me and down I went, I almost recovered and thought I could catch myself but nope down I went, I hit the pointy part of a big rock on the way down with my rib cage and went in face first. Soaked from head to toe, BIG BEAR comes back and reaches down to pick me up. Got up and out of the water, I have a big scratch on my side, I am sore, but ok. We had back very carefully, now that I am wet everything is slippery!

LOL, got back across ok with no further mishaps and climbed up to the rock where I left my iPhone, Nuvi and the GPSr and start collecting them. This is the same rock a year ago that we shared our first kiss!! I look down and BIG BEAR is not coming up, I asked him if he was going to join me up on the rock he says “No I am safer down here and he starts to pull a box out of his pocket!!!” By now he is on one knee and he says “Will you Marry Me?” I say “Oh Wow! YES!!
We are both shaking, me from the cold, him from nerves, he took out the ring and it took both of us to put it on my finger!!  This is a very very special place for BIG BEAR and Tru2Cntry, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with my best friend,  thank you for bringing us here… we will be back! What a night, what a place and what an adventure, that’s why we love to Geocache

We headed back to the Jeep and on up to Rat & Mushroom’s to dry my clothes and share our good news!!  They had no idea when they opened the door and welcomed us in that they would have to supply me with some clothes and dry my soaking wet ones, but welcome us they did.  We shared our adventure with them over a nice cup of hot coffee and a piece of pie in their beautiful new kitchen.  They have some great dating and engagement stories too!, and they just celebrated their anniversary, fun night with good friends

This gets a Favorite Point for me, and yes Second Time’s a Charm, and has been a sort of theme to our day to day adventures too!
Love from BIG BEAR & Tru2Cntry


CITO for Earthday

Redding geocachers continue Earth Day partnership with the BLM

The Redding Geocachers Club continued an annual partnership with the BLM Redding Field Office on Saturday, April 21, cleaning up tons of trash from a litter-strewn parcel of public land in observance of Earth Day.

The club members held their annual “Cache In, Trash Out” (CITO)  event with more than 15 participants working on a parcel along Bear Creek east of Redding.  The BLM provided tools and equipment while the club members provided muscle and determination.

The work party poses for a group shot. The club even made a poster for the event (inset).

Nearly seven tons of trash were hauled out of the area. The crew picked up 54 tires, piles of household garbage, a few couches, and the battleship Missouri (a model replica). A barbecue was held after the event complete with door prizes.

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Redwood Forest Trainwreck?

Heading to Willits California to check out the area.  BIG BEAR will be relocating here soon and starting a new job.  Yay!! A new area to cache. Ran the pocket query’s and loaded up the Garmin‘s, I recently discovered how to load more than 10,000 POI’s into my Garmin 60Csx and after I showed BIG BEAR how to do it I think he has more than 20,000 POI’s in his Garmin 60Csx.  Wherever we go we have all the caches that are nearby on our handhelds and we are ready to cache!!

Jumped into the Jeep and made  our way south on I-5 to Hwy 20 west to Hwy 101 and then North to Willits, caching all the way.

Saturday morning after taking care of the new job introductions and tours we head off towards Mendicino and find the Redwoods Series to cache, with our goal being a Waterfall Virtual that is 12 miles from Willits.  We competed the Redwoods #1 through #15: GC2W0H1 Redwoods #1 (Traditional Cache) created by Skycatcher  and then turn around to find the road that takes us to this Virtual:  GC9122 Hidden Waterfall (Virtual Cache) by vallen2

We found the Virtual and it looked like an easy walk to the Waterfall,  wooden stairs started us down the trail to the Chamberlain Creek Waterfall Trail which turned into a nice leisurely walk through the forest.  The cache page said there would be about a 200′ drop, we were on our way and could hear the waterfall,  so I was getting excited the closer we got.  We got about 100 feet down the trail and uh-ohhhh…. we found this:

Redwood Trainwreck

BIG BEAR finds the Redwood Train wreck

Well, what do you we do now?  BIG BEAR says “I think we can get over this”   I am not so sure though, I am not sure that it is safe to even try, but BIG BEAR has already disappeared, so I follow and I find him crawling over, under and through the splintered mess of Redwoods that completely wiped out the trail.  You didn’t know if you were stepping on foliage that could give away underneath you and you could drop 50 feet, so we went slow and very carefully through the downed Redwoods.  Some of the snags were pretty sharp and I didn’t want to be impaled on them. Redwoods are known for being big trees and these were not small trees!

But after about 15 minutes we did make it through and found the trail, and the Waterfall!

Chamberlain Waterfall

Chamberlain Waterfall

There was a Traditional Cache to get too and BIG BEAR and I jumped across the little stream grabbed that cache and BIG BEAR went and posed for pictures behind the Waterfall… what a fun hike, complete with all caches, waterfalls and a little of the unexpected adventure you find out on the trail when you Geocache!

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