Our Picnic’s

Picnicking fits right in with our Geocaching Hobby

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BIG BEAR and I go a lot of miles when we are out Geocaching, and sometimes when we are on a Georun, we are running low on fuel, fuel for the car and fuel for us, we forget batteries, we forget to bring a pen, it goes on and on… so I put together a Picnic Basket with the main things needed for a quick lunch or dinner here and there. All you need to do is add food.

This has been one of the best things we have done for our Geocaching fun. Its great to find a nice place with a view or a little creek and sit down and have a nice meal together.

We usually stop at a Grocery store deli and order up a foot long sandwich cut in two, with crackers and cheese and our favorite fruit. Throw in some cookies (Cantseem Cookies) and something to drink and we have our picnic. We are back on the road and headed for the next cache in no time and we have great memories of our little picnic spots. BIG BEAR has published some great caches at some of our favorite places to picnic, or close by if we aren’t able to hide near the picnic. Some of my Country Drive caches have included picnic menu’s for our Geocaching Family.

Come out Geocaching with us and you might be sharing a Picnic with us!


GC2NVF0 Country Drive & Picnic #14

GC2NVG9 Country Drive & Picnic #18

Some Ideas for Picnics to get you started:

How to Pack a Beach Picnic

  1. Hey, I wondered if this would be you when I saw ‘geocaching’ in your logon! This looks so fun! Thanks for following my blog!

    Biggest (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) for you!

    Love you,
    Praising Jesus for sisters like YOU!

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