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What does Stephen King, The Superbowl, The College Bowl & The Academy Awards have in common?

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If your a Geocacher, then it’s a Power Trail!!  East of Sacramento are more than 3 Power Trails that have 160 caches combined.  Easy? hmmm no…. these are Mystery Caches, all 160 of them.  You have to solve the puzzle, or answer the questions to be able to get the coordinates to these caches.  It usually involves hours of research online to get the answers to solve the puzzle.  The Cache Owners did an incredible job of research to put these series together.  All of them are quality caches and it’s very rewarding to say that you have 160 Mystery Caches solved and logged!!  So sit back and pull up a Puzzle cache or two, after you have solved it enjoy the journey to the cache, log it and look for the next one, or in this case the next Series.

We started out at 3:00 am from Redding, CA heading toward the first Mystery cache on the SKH Series. Arrived at 6:30, Uh-Oh…. whats this?  No road?  No problem we have a Jeep!!!  Headed through the construction zone towards the first cache, got it!!!  All was ok until we me up with a Cement Barrier…. again, so glad we have the Jeep!!  We squeezed through the barrier and a telephone pole and now we find the road!!  Wouldn’t recommend driving on the first part, a bike or a walk might be a better way, well unless you have a small vehicle that you can take off roading!

First cache on the SKH Series: GC3B3DA SKH – Desperation by Voodoo Crew

When we started the College Bowl run there was another barrier, it seems there is a lot of dumping going on in the area, very sad to see.  Saw some Bald Eagles in the area and a couple of Hawks too! It was really a pretty area if you can look past the trash dump.  This place needs a CITO, and I would love to join in on cleaning it up.

First cache on the College Bowl: GC39HC3 The Rose Bowl by Voodoo Crew

We moved along at a fairly good pace, about 2  a minute average, then moved along to the Superbowl series. I grabbed my 6000th caches on the Superbowl Series, pretty cool.  It was great weather and wasn’t too hot, we started early enough that we didn’t hit the heat until about 3 pm when we were on the last part of the Academy Awards Series.

First Cache in the Superbowl Series: GC3A1WB Super Bowl XI (Raiders vs. Vikings) Voodoo Crew

First Cache in the Academy Award Series: GC3C770 The 1st Annual Academy Awards (1929) by Voodoo Crew

A big thank you to the Cache Owners!!  All the caches were in good shape, and there was parking available if you came in from the right direction, nothing to dangerous.  Your on a road, and traffic goes fast so you need to be careful, but hey we are used to that since Power Caches became popular. We found all but about 2 of the Geocaches on all of the combined Series.

After finishing the Mystery Cache Power Trails we headed over and did the Family Guy letterboxes and a Virtual.

Letterbox cache: GC3ABC2 Cleveland Brown – Family Guy (Letterbox Hybrid) by Voodoo Crew

Not a bad day – My accomplishments for the day:  178 caches total for the  day, 4 cache types: Virtual, Traditional, Mystery and Letterbox, and I  found my 6000th cache!!  Calling it a day and turning off the GPS‘r … oh wait… isn’t that a cache close by…. maybe one more???


Cali~Bear celebrates her Birthday in Benicia

I have a birthday coming up, and my wish is to go Geocaching for the weekend. BIG BEAR and SeanStafford two of my favorite cachers to cache with took me up on the offer and were able to get away too! BIG BEAR looked around for an area that we all could cache and spotted the cool little town of Benicia. We like to do Virtuals and there were 10 or more around Benicia that we could do with some traditional and multi caches as well. We met up with Sean around 9:30 Sunday morning and the weather was beautiful, so off we go!

This was our first stop. This virtual told the history of the founder of the town and how the town got it’s name. Did you know that Benicia was the first city in the new state of California to be incorporated and at the same time was named the county seat of Solano County? And for a time it was the capitol of California, before the legislature moved to Sacramento?

GC94A4 Drunken Sailor (Virtual Cache)by TeamMoehrke.


Now up to the center of the little town of Benicia to this Virtual:

GC98C2 Working Capitol (Virtual Cache) by dgreno.


Out behind the Capitol Building there was a rather bumpy brick path that took us by several historical plaques commemorating events around Benicia and then we found an old Barn full of wagons and antiques, it is part of the Museum that is now inside the Capitol Building.

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The little town of Benicia is home to quite a few more fun caching adventures:

GCEF85 Another Quiet Corner in Benicia (Virtual Cache) by Joe & Connie

Exterior of the former California State Capito...

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