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2011 – JAN 22nd – Alameda Creek Trail

Alameda Trail – January 22, 2011

This weekend we drove down to Sean’s area, we first met up with Sean when we did the ET Trail.  He invited us down to his neck of the woods and showed us a great trail to take our bikes on and do some Geocaching too!  Alameda creek runs through Niles canyon and flows to San Francisco Bay ending near the Dumbarton Bridge. Bike trails run along both sides of the creek down for about 10 miles ending at Coyote Hills Regional Park. Had a great time with Big Bear, Dakotachix and Sean this weekend, they are a whole bunch of fun to Geocache with.  We did about 60 caches in this area and we will be back to do some more!

A Few of the Caches we did on the Trail

Evil Cache – Sequoia

Alameda Creek #4

Levee Bicycling – Dog Owners

Levee Bicycling Isherwood

Levee Bicycling – Paseo

Evil Cache – Sequoia

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grabbed her 2000th cache today!

Dakotachix grabbing her 2000th Cache!

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