Lemurian Power Trail-NoCal Geocaching

Mt Shasta from CA89

Mt Shasta from CA89 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 AUGUST 21, 2013 – The LPPT is up and running!!

Welcome to the Lemurian Playground Power Trail

This page is for additional information that might be helpful for you as you do the series.

Please feel free to contact us with
questions you might have.

Cache Owners:  swimbait, Boris&Doris2, HookRN, Tru2Cntry

Some important things to recognize when venturing out to do this series:

*This is a Power Trail, all caches have been placed so that they are easily accessible, and not to far off the road.
*Start with low numbered caches & work towards higher numbered caches.
*Make sure you have plenty of food and water.
*Cell reception out here is not great so don’t count on having phone service.
*Make sure someone knows where you are heading.
*Make sure you keep a full tank of gas (closest gas stations are McCloud and Mt Shasta)
*Make sure you have a good spare tire and a jack.
*Be careful! This road isn’t very busy but still has traffic. WATCH FOR AND YIELD TO oncoming traffic and LOGGING TRUCKS!
*Driving with your Hazard Lights on will help others see you.
*Some areas are OPEN RANGE, there are cows on the road. Also watch for deer.
*This is Bear Country, please respect their territory.
*The mountains can be harsh in the winter, these roads are not advisable in the winter, weather can change suddenly, please check the weather for the area:http://visitmtshasta.com/weather/
*Helpful Link for Mt Shasta Area, Lodging and Dining: http://www.ci.mt-shasta.ca.us/
*Helpful Link for McCloud Area, Lodging and Dining: http://www.mccloudchamber.com/
*Have fun!


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