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Redwood Forest Trainwreck?

Heading to Willits California to check out the area.  BIG BEAR will be relocating here soon and starting a new job.  Yay!! A new area to cache. Ran the pocket query’s and loaded up the Garmin‘s, I recently discovered how to load more than 10,000 POI’s into my Garmin 60Csx and after I showed BIG BEAR how to do it I think he has more than 20,000 POI’s in his Garmin 60Csx.  Wherever we go we have all the caches that are nearby on our handhelds and we are ready to cache!!

Jumped into the Jeep and made  our way south on I-5 to Hwy 20 west to Hwy 101 and then North to Willits, caching all the way.

Saturday morning after taking care of the new job introductions and tours we head off towards Mendicino and find the Redwoods Series to cache, with our goal being a Waterfall Virtual that is 12 miles from Willits.  We competed the Redwoods #1 through #15: GC2W0H1 Redwoods #1 (Traditional Cache) created by Skycatcher  and then turn around to find the road that takes us to this Virtual:  GC9122 Hidden Waterfall (Virtual Cache) by vallen2

We found the Virtual and it looked like an easy walk to the Waterfall,  wooden stairs started us down the trail to the Chamberlain Creek Waterfall Trail which turned into a nice leisurely walk through the forest.  The cache page said there would be about a 200′ drop, we were on our way and could hear the waterfall,  so I was getting excited the closer we got.  We got about 100 feet down the trail and uh-ohhhh…. we found this:

Redwood Trainwreck

BIG BEAR finds the Redwood Train wreck

Well, what do you we do now?  BIG BEAR says “I think we can get over this”   I am not so sure though, I am not sure that it is safe to even try, but BIG BEAR has already disappeared, so I follow and I find him crawling over, under and through the splintered mess of Redwoods that completely wiped out the trail.  You didn’t know if you were stepping on foliage that could give away underneath you and you could drop 50 feet, so we went slow and very carefully through the downed Redwoods.  Some of the snags were pretty sharp and I didn’t want to be impaled on them. Redwoods are known for being big trees and these were not small trees!

But after about 15 minutes we did make it through and found the trail, and the Waterfall!

Chamberlain Waterfall

Chamberlain Waterfall

There was a Traditional Cache to get too and BIG BEAR and I jumped across the little stream grabbed that cache and BIG BEAR went and posed for pictures behind the Waterfall… what a fun hike, complete with all caches, waterfalls and a little of the unexpected adventure you find out on the trail when you Geocache!

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Let’s Cache to the Coast for Lunch!

BIG BEAR and I were having Pizza with OldMrZ and his lovely bride on a Friday night when the conversation turns to Geo-caching and we are all in town on a Saturday!! Well that means a Geo-trip to somewhere. BIG BEAR and OldMrZ open up the laptop and start searching for somewhere that we can do a Geo-run. After a few minutes of searching at their attentions turn to the Coast and the route on the way over. Looks like we get to have fresh seafood for lunch!! Now to run the queries and get some sleep and we will meet back at 0700.

The forecast calls for rain and it was right, no worries thought, we cache in the rain, snow, and wind it may slow us down a bit but we still get the cache! We have fresh batteries in the Garmin‘s, Butch the Geo-dog in the van and we are heading west for a fun day with Geo-friends. We will have lunch on the coast and we will be back to join up with Shampoodles and Ponytails for a Ride for Life Benefit Auction and Chili Feed.

Our route takes us on 299 from Redding to Arcata and all Geo-caches in between. As we get towards the summit the rain turns to snow, we keep going, stopping on the way of course. OldMrZ is driving and BIG BEAR is navigating…. 500 feet, 400 feet, 300 feet… looks like you can park at that turn off right over there.

Our First Stop: GC3CJY9 Fern Point by BRUHNRock Wall - Originally the old Hwy 299 – a very cool rock wall that used to be the Old 299 Hwy! wow… we actually took the hard way up, I saw later on the Cache page that you could have driven up to this one an easier way but we made it a 3 terrain, isnt that what you usually do when you Geocache?

Old 299 Hwy

We have more caches to get… so jumping back into the GeoVan and headed down the Hwy!

GC31ZT2 Anticipate This! by BRUHN

GC2BZ6H South Fork View by BRUHN

And of course there was a BIG BEAR cache to grab – a favorite for sure and it was published in July of 2004!! : GCK4ED BIG BEAR WHERE ARE YOU by BIG BEAR

I took some pictures here – it was a really pretty spot! Nice place for a cache.



We did quite a few more caches – another favorite was GC32MZK The Fish Ladder by thedawdlers.
There was a Fish Ladder 100 feet below this little bridge built in 1923, it was very cool and worthy of some pictures. It was raining though so some of the pictures are blurry, still really cool little spot!

1923 Bridge

OldMrZ at the Fish Ladder

BIG BEAR, Tru2Cntry and OldMrZ at the Fish Ladder

OldMrZ looking over at the Fish Ladder

A few more caches to get by one or our good Geo friends: Humboldt Flier: GC223BH ” X ” ( X OUT ) by humboldt flier, GC223BW ” Y ” ( YEPPER – THAT BE A MIGHTY FINE VIEW ) by humboldt flier, GC223C4 ” Z ” ( ZEE, OR IS IT ZED )by humboldt flier and a few others that were great fun to get.

But now its time to put the GPS on the Seascape Restaurant for Lunch, a favorite place to get your fresh seafood fix on.

Afterwards we went for a hike around the Trinidad Trailheads and grabbed the caches on the trail, beautiful views and we worked off our lunch!!

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Caches on the Trailhead:

GCV7HT Trinidad Trove by hidegoseek

GC3A1R2 A Spurious Cache by BRUHN

GC3A1PZ Hairpin Defender II by BRUHN to name a few…

its after 3 and we have to be back for a Chili Feed put on by our GeoFriends Shampoodles and Ponytails so we head back to the Geovan and start the trek back home, what a great day!

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