2011 – FEB 19th – Happy~B Day T2C

Happy~B Day T2C

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BIG BEAR. placed a cache in honor of my birthday several days ago. I saw them pop up on my iPhone, as I was in the middle of projecting a presentation I couldnt run right out and go for them. About an hour later, I was able to look them up and see all the details. I called and texted several Geofriends, seemed no one wanted to go out that night. It was dark by then and there was a storm coming in, the roads to the caches were Jeep or 4 wheel drive rated so I knew better than to venture out by myself. Looks like they would have to wait.

Well sure enough a storm came through, and not just any storm, it dropped snow in Redding, something we don’t see all the time. Now what, and a fellow Geocacher had already gotten the FTF on this one. So I go to work and wait until I can get the time and good enough weather to go hunt these caches down.

Finally on Saturday afternoon I got a break!! I was losing daylight, but the 7″ of snow had melted so I called Odek and he met up with me to go hunt the caches!! Just as the sun was going down, and with no flashlight with us, we got it!!!

WoW it was filled with all kinds of Birthday Stuff! Party Hats, Party Horns and everything you could want for a Party!! Thank you BIG BEAR, that was an honor and a whole bunch of fun!!! Happy Birthday to T2C! So to all my Geofriends come on out and help me celebrate my birthday by sharing in my Geocaching adventures, let me know, and I will go with you!

BIG BEAR honored my Milestones achievements by placing these caches, they are on the way to Happy B Day so grab them too!
Hats off to T2C
T2C at 2000


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Local Jeep owner and off roader, I am a Geocacher too!

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  1. Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes…. you’ll be back in June? Whoo Hoo!!! Yay!!!!


  2. Happy Birthady we will see you in June


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