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Reviewing the Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Humboldt Flier brought me a Garmin 62s to for me to “Play with for a couple of weeks”  The first thing I noticed on the Garmin 62 was the display, screen size is the same as my cherished 60csx, the resolution is the same but the colors have increased to a really nice display that is readable even in bright sunlight.

I played around with the Fields on the 62s, not sure what all of them do yet but Heart rate has been added and GPS signal strength too, along with all the familiar ones that my 60csx has.  I would like to see temperature added as well, they have water temperature on the compass fields but not the air temperature.

I like the compass it seems to “float” like a real compass and you have the ability to change the date fields here just as you do on the 62csx.

What I have found most noticable on the 62s was the accuracy, with no hesitation.  It walks you right to the coordinates and the accuracy that I am getting is down to 1 foot!  Gotta love that.  I will keep reviewing the 62s and keep update my blog on what I find… for now T2C with the 62s is heading out the door…

Newer features on the Garmin GPSMAP 62s

The 62 series has several features available on the Colorado, Dakota and/or Oregon series. These include the ability to utilize Garmin custom maps and BirdsEye aerial imagery, a tri-axial compass (Having a tri-axial compass means you don’t have to hold the unit level while navigating), new customization options, advanced track navigation, wireless data transfer and paperless geocaching.

Customizing the Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Page sequence– I played with the sequencing and tried several different ways for the pages to cycle through for Geocaching you always need your compass and your map and these seem to be the ones I always kept as my first two choices.  You can customize the page sequence by choosing Main Menu > Setup > Page Sequence. This will allow you to select which pages appear in the page sequence and their order.

Profiles – The 62s comes with recreational, geocaching, automotive, marine, fitness and classic profiles. You can switch profiles by going to Main Menu > Profile Change. Or create a new one by going to Main Menu > Setup > Profiles. Select the new profile to give it a name. Any changes you make in menus or other settings will be retained in that profile. So start changing things! Want track up when geocaching and north up when biking? No problem. How about a separate profile that just shows USGS topos or aerial imagery? The possibilities are nearly endless.

Data fields – You can change data fields on just about any screen that has these; simply press Menu > Change Data Fields. Mine were set up for Geocaching, Compass, Map etc.

Dashboards – I played with these a little bit and instead of data fields (and in some cases in addition to), you can select a dashboard for the map, compass and trip computer screens. Choices: (depending upon page) may include automotive, stopwatch, small or large data field, recreational, compass, geocaching or elevation plot.

My Favorite Feature: Paperless Geocaching

The 62 series is set up for full paperless geocaching support, meaning you can see the description, logs, and hint, and you can log your attempt (find, DNF, etc.) for later transfer back to
Well I gave the Garmin 62s back, in the future I would like to own one, I like a lot of the newere features, but my 60Csx is a tried and true Navigation/Geocaching GPS for me… so for now that’s what I will stick with!  Happy Caching T2C

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