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Hoodo through the rocks


GC49AE Hoodo, through the rocks (Virtual Cache) mtnsteve.

This has been on my radar for a long time, for some reason it just looked like it was going to be a hard one to locate.  Looking at the maps and the access in to the area, so Cantseem and I set our sights on this one, it has long been on his radar too!  I go to pick him up and doubt is written all over his face… hmmmm he is wanting to change up our plans.  Nope! We are going, it’s what we planned so lets G-O!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Gotta say that it was probably one of the best days of Geocaching that I have ever done!  It was beautiful!!  The access in was no problem, however it would be in the winter with snow on the ground.  So glad we stuck with our plan, now I have a smiley 🙂  there!!  We were able to grab 2 others in the area too:

GCGFBB SkyHook (Traditional Cache) by MtnSteve and Sequel

GCB3F4 Come and Get It (Traditional Cache) by Mtnsteve and Sequel.

The CO does an awesome job of maintaining these caches up here!  I liked this trip so much that I am putting together a Jeep run with my Geocaching family back up to the area, I want to get the other 2 caches in the area too!!  So stay tuned, its gonna be a day of off roading, Jeeping and Geocaching in a couple of weeks, before the snow flys!!

Sign up here if you want to come along: GC4KYN6 Off-Road Geocaching Adventure (Event Cache) in California, United States created by Tru2Cntry.

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Summertime in NoCal – Caching and Fishing

IMG_7043GC1J6N8 Loyd’s Hole (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by Rat & Mushroom.

July and August has been very busy with Fishing trips and Geocaching adventures. From sunup to sundown we have been out the door at what we call “zero stupid thirty” and on the trail or on the river, hunting down Geocaches, Salmon, Munzees, whatever is the challenge at the time.

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In July Munzee had their 2nd Anniversary so they were publishing birthday cakes, the challenge was they were only active for 12 hours and once they were gone they were gone, but once you “captured” one it was 100 points!!

August brought the 31 day challenge for Geocaching, your reward is a new souvenir for everyday that you find and log a cache.  Find one a day for the month of August.  In the middle of the month was International Caching day that hosted its own souvenir.

August also brings the return of the Salmon up there on the Sacramento River.  I have some great friends (who happen to be Geocachers too) that took me Salmon fishing!!  When we weren’t fishing we stopped along the banks of the Sacramento and either grabbed a cache or placed some!!

GC4JP1N Tru Catches a Salmon!! (Traditional Cache) in California, United States created by Tru2Cntry.


It has been a fun summer, so go on, grab a cache or 31 of them and I will see you on the trail!

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Blog Sightings: Geocaching, Gorillas & Big Bass Grabbers |  Shasta247.

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