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Flashback to the 70’s

On October 30, 2011 – BIG BEAR, Swimbait and HookRN all fellow Geocachers teamed up to do this very cool series of Caches called Flashback to the 70’s all done in the shape of a Peace Sign… when you log all your smileys you have a Peace sign on the map in Susanville!! Very cool!!

The terrain is listed as 1.5, realistically it is a little tougher than a 1.5 would be. There are all different sized lava rocks every step you take, wear some good shoes and be careful that you don’t twist your ankle. And watch for snakes as this is the kind of terrain and hidey holes they love to make their homes in. We had great weather, and all were easy to find once you got to the GZ.

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There are 35 caches in the Series, below is the listing for the first in the Series


GCTKJ5 Rockspeak


Susanville’s Smiley Face

Susanville is a great place for cachers to hide series of caches in the shapes of icons. After doing the Valentine Series that is in the shape of a Heart in June I was really looking forward to doing the Peace Sign and the Upside Down Smiley.

This Smiley Face series is placed on the side of a 4000 ft terrain mountain. There are no trails, or “Geotrails” to follow when doing these kinds of series, you are heading straight to each cache via the way the direction the GPS is pointing you in. At times you are bushwhacking, or following an animal trail, so it can be challenge for some cachers.


These caches are not caches series that all cachers can do, you have to know your physical limits, your time limits and know your GPS! You don’t want to run out of daylight, or batteries or water, and always tell somebody where you are!

I went with my good Geofriends: Swimbait and HookRN, and the views from up on top were beautiful. We scored the last Cache in the Series just as the Sun dropped behind the mountain, it had taken us most of the afternoon to hunt down each of the caches that gave us all the “Upside Down Smiley in Susanville. On our way back to the Geomobile, we got the chance to say Hi to the CO, this series is in his backyard and he was there. Thanks for a great series!!

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Potem Falls – Who doesn’t love Waterfalls?

Oct 23, 2011 – Wow! This weekend I got to visit Potem Falls and do BIG BEAR’S FALLS cache… if you haven’t done this one yet its a must do!! Put in on your Geocache bucketlist. The trail in is not a tough trail at all and we added some new spoiler pictures to help with finding it. The GPS is pretty useless down in the canyon so go prepared with pictures and you won’t have a problem. Its off of Fenders Ferry road which is only paved part of the way in then its a dirt road, but any vehicle is fine. We took the Jeep but a Mini Van or even a small car will have no problems at all. Great place for a picnic and I have heard there are fish in the little pool at the bottom of the falls… 🙂

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Manton Apple Festival & Geocaching

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Oct 1, 2011 – After teaming up with Crow & Flo to come to the Manton Apple Festival aaaannnnd after consuming some Apple Pie and Ice Cream, its time to get down to business…
So heading back to the Geo Mobiles…and caching around Shingletown today. I logged 27 caches today. It was really looking like Fall all around us today.

Had a great time, especially getting to BIG BEARS Ice Box cache where we had to walk across a log about 10 feet above the creek to get to the other side.

GC1GX9C Manton Rest Area

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