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Off Road Fun in McCloud

Spent Saturday up on the LPPT – translation: Lemurian Playground Power Trail!  A series of Geocaching Power Trails that intertwine all around the McCloud and Mt Shasta area logging roads.  The Link: GC4H8J1 LPPT–Starts Here!

I had some favorite caches that I came across too:

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Checking for Geocaches on the way home and saw that there might be a chance to grab an FTF (First to Find) so I mapped it on the GPS and headed towards Hedge Creek Falls!!  And YES! I scored the FTF!!

GC5Z0KM Hedge Creek Falls

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Spring has Sprung and so have the Geocaches!

Black Butte-y is #10,000!

So honored that my best friends and fellow geocachers SeanStafford&GCWidow invited me along  to capture their 10,000 cache!!  Sean wanted to hike the Black Butte, with this Geocache as his goal: 

GCJJGZ Black Butte-y (Traditional Cache) in California by MtnMike

I am posting the honoree pictures first, as this was our goal for the hike.  Sean and Melissa’s #10,000 Geocache!  I was honored to be present!!  Scroll down for pictures of the beautiful hike to this goal.


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Today is the day!  We set our GPS‘s towards Black Butte and head out.  The weather looks great, we have water, snacks and Sean is hard to hold back at this point.  Sean and Melissa had attempted this geocache on a previous trip up Black Butte, however they encountered some muggles (non-geocachers) on the path down to the cache.  For whatever reason they would not move, not having much room to maneuver up there, and not having another way to the cache they had to abandon the goal.  This was not going to happen today, Sean was going to get his cache, and nothing was going to stop him!!  We parked at the trailhead, which was also a challenge to Sean and Melissa on their first attempt.  They never found the road into the trailhead, so they ended up hiking another mile just to get to the trail head.  This day is already off to a great start!!

To the top of Black Butte!

To the top of Black Butte!

Here we go… change the shoes, grab the water and we are off.  Melissa is in the lead, she was soon out of sight!  Sean and I are stopping to take pictures and making sure we are well hydrated.  The views are immediately gratifying.  Its a gradual hike up, the elevation gain is 1850 ft.

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For more information here on the trail:

Picturesque Muir's Peak (Black Butte, 6500 ft....

Picturesque Muir’s Peak (Black Butte, 6500 ft.), northern California, U. S. A., by H.C. White Co. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sunset over Black Butte

Sunset over Black Butte (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black Butte, California.

Black Butte, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Looking out from the Black Fox Fire Lookout

What a treat this was!!

I knew that this would be a great place to Jeep up to and I wasn’t disappointed.  After Sean (a long time friend and fellow geocacher) and I found all 601 Geocaches on the LPPT (Lemurian Playground) Power Trail we pointed the Jeep towards the direction of the GC3632G Black Fox (Look-out) by xpm-robin and Chinookcapt and made our way up.

The clouds began getting darker and darker, hoping it wouldn’t rain we crept slowly up the mountain.  We were soon looking across at Mt Shasta, Elevation 14,180.  We were not up that high, Black Fox is only 6,504 ft but it felt like we could reach out and touch the clouds they were so close!!  What a fun drive up here.  When we got to the lookout, Joel invited us up.  This lookout is an active fire lookout and Joel showed us around the tiny space he has called home for 20 years!  Imagine that!!

While we were there he had an actual call come in about a fire in his district.  This was the highlight of our weekend caching trip for me, I am sure Sean thought so too!!  Couldn’t top this so we headed back down and called it a day, but it was all great.  Caching our way through 601 caches on the LPPT, discovering all the treasures along the way.

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Rescuing Snow White

BIG BEAR has a series here locally that is know as his “Snow White Series.”  You have to “rescue” Snow White from the 7 Dwarfs which are 7 caches in the series that contain the pieces of the coordinates that once you put them together in the right sequence get you to the location of cache location called Snow White.  I failed to find Snow White, it seems I was about 200 feet off.  One of the Dwarf caches got muggled and so it is missing its numbers and I guessed, but I guessed wrong and I was losing daylight.

I started at 10:30 am and went until 4:30 and still had to make it back to the Jeep.  The terrain wasn’t hard but you did have to manuver through a couple of canyons and the wind was gusting up to what felt like 40 mph at times, so I didn’t want to be finding my way back in the dark.  It was a nice hike though and my finds for the day totaled 20 Caches for the day, with some really nice views of the snow capped mountains of Mt Shasta, Mt Lassen and the Trinity Alps.

The Caches in the Series (Not in order):

GC1NKW1 Teco Mac
GC1NP2E MR. Dice

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Tru2Cntry doing the Snow White Series

English: Lassen Peak reflected in Manzanita Lake

Image via Wikipedia

Thanksgiving Picnic in Golden Gate Park

BIG BEAR & T2C at Inspiration Point - San Francisco

Nov 24, 2011 What an amazing day…. BIG BEAR and I decided to do all the Geocache Virtuals  we could do in San Francisco. We packed up out Thanksgiving Dinner and headed towards Treasure Island the Read the rest of this entry

Potem Falls – Who doesn’t love Waterfalls?

Oct 23, 2011 – Wow! This weekend I got to visit Potem Falls and do BIG BEAR’S FALLS cache… if you haven’t done this one yet its a must do!! Put in on your Geocache bucketlist. The trail in is not a tough trail at all and we added some new spoiler pictures to help with finding it. The GPS is pretty useless down in the canyon so go prepared with pictures and you won’t have a problem. Its off of Fenders Ferry road which is only paved part of the way in then its a dirt road, but any vehicle is fine. We took the Jeep but a Mini Van or even a small car will have no problems at all. Great place for a picnic and I have heard there are fish in the little pool at the bottom of the falls… 🙂

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Sean Hits 5000 Caches and gets an FTF!

July 23, 2011 – Just a great weekend from start to finish. Sean our good friend and fellow Geocacher drove 7 hours to come up to Red Bluff and do the Leap Frog Series. He finished that on Friday got a good nights sleep then met up with us to head north to the Apostle Series where there was still one left un-found after being published for a month. Well we packed up, loaded up and hit the trail. It is about an 60 or more mile trip up to the Ai-Di-Na Unpaved Road all the while picking up caches along the way and confirming with Sean “Just how many more do you have left until your 5000th cache?”

He was counting them down, 9, 8, 7 then we were down to 3 more. BIG BEAR had a brilliant idea… lets make the Geocache that has been un-found the 5000 find for Sean, that’s if we figured right and could find it. BIG BEAR had done the reconfiguring on it and felt it was off by one number on the coordinates, he is good with figuring those things out. And Sean was in total agreement, Sean doesn’t see much First to Find action in his neighborhood in Palo Alto. When something gets published the Geocachers are all over it. This would be his 4th FTF if we could pull it off. We were losing daylight, so we decided to head to the campground after finding 2 more and unpack our tents then head back up to search for the illusive Thomas Cache.

We did just that, unpacked the tents and the sleeping back and set up a quick camp. Loaded Sean into the GORF (our Great Off Road Fun vehicle) and set off back up the unpaved dirt road in search of Sean’s 5000th Cache!! About 10 minutes later we arrived at what we thought would be the likely area to search and in 5 minutes Sean had the cache in hand!!! WHOOO HOOO SEAN!!! Way to go!! Well we whooped and hollered and made a bunch of noise, broke open the glow sticks and congratulated Sean on his 5000th find and his 4th First to Find!!!!!!


I was honored to be a part of being on the hunt with Sean, we had a blast that day and into the night. We headed back to the campground after a signing the log and basking in the glory of such a fun achievement. When we got back to the campground Sean popped the cork on the Sparking Cider and we toasted to his accomplishment! BIG BEAR put together the biggest hamburgers I have ever seen and grilled them on the grill, we sat down and had a well deserved dinner. Then busted out the marshmallows and taught Sean how to roast them. He is from Ireland and had never had the opportunity before to roast marshmallows.

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T2C Hits 4000 and gets a Heart! ♥

S & J's Valentine

June 12, 2011 – So for my 4000th Cache we went over to Susanville and did the Valentine Heart Series. We started a 11 and ended at 5:30, a 10 mile hike. It was a great hike and BIG BEAR was with me, cheering me on, he is my best friend, my biggest fan and he is my Sweetheart too!  We hiked in to the middle of the Heart Series to get the Valentine and I made that my 4000th cache… it was awesome!!!  We celebrated with P-Nut M&M’s  !!

GC2NAB8 S & J’s Valentine

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2010 – NOV 24th – NOV 26th – ET Trail

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ET Trail – November 25-28th

WOW!  What can be said about the ET Trail that hasn’t already been said?  A LOT!! This was an amazing experience. So much that I couldn’t say on a Geocache Log page so I thought I would Blog our experience.

I had heard about the ET Trail from a fellow Geocacher BIG BEAR.

I had listened to others talk about the ET Trail too, but I never thought that I would get the opportunity to go. Ok…. I have a few days around Thanksgiving, and no plans so could that possibly be enough time to put plans together for this run?  Yes it was, we read previous posts which were really helpful and our plans started to materialize.  I was going!!

Big Bear and I (Tru2Cntry or T2C) set out on November 25th to drive  the 610 miles that night, we got to Alamo Nevada just before 3 a.m. Sean had already flown into Las Vegas and rented a car, drove up to Alamo to the Windmill Ridge Restaurant & Lodging (best accommodations around) earlier in the day.  He had rented a room so we knocked on the door and quickly grabbed pillows and blankets and tried to get some sleep, all agreeing to get up at 6 a.m. and get out to the Trail and get started.  It was hard to fall asleep, we had driven in from the North West end of the trail and saw that they were just flying by us as we drove, well… we did stop to check out one of them, we couldn’t help it.  Then back in the van to find Sean and get a few hours of sleep.

Our day started at 5:59, grabbing GPSr, we were out the door and headed down the road!  We did an incredible 700 caches on the ET Trail itself that first day!  It was getting dark so we decided to turn around and head back to Windmill Ridge for the night. Had dinner at the restaurant there and reflected back on that incredible day. Tired but eager to start the next day early again we all headed back to our lodges to get a good nights rest.  It was hard to fall asleep!  Morning arrived and we were back on the road, no time for breakfast, we headed down the road to start back at ET 701.

We hadn’t planned it but we each took an hour at running and it ended up that we each had our own personal best, Sean had the first hour where he did an amazing 101 finds.  I took the 2nd hour and grabbed my 82 just as we were counting down the seconds on the hour.  And Big Bear blew us away with an amazing 124 caches grabbed in the last hour!!  Amazing!!  We all jumped out on the last cache, signed it, signed the pole, took pictures and reflected back on what an amazing experience this was.   Thank you to the COs’ of this incredible run: Clay4&whtwolfden!!

After finishing the ET Trail we headed back to do the Alien Head. We walked it, it was 29 degrees and there was a strong wind, we had to hang on to the logs to keep them from blowing away!  We did the Alien Head in about 2.5 hours. Jumped into the Geovan and headed back to the Ale-Inn for our Ale-Inn Burger to celebrate!!  Met up with a few of the colorful locals there, finished dinner and headed back to the Windmill Ridge Lodge for a hot shower and a good nights sleep.

Got up the next morning, to SNOW!!  It was beautiful, went up and had breakfast and reflected on one of the most amazing weekends and journeys that I know I will never forget!!

So… we definitely broke some records this weekend, how many caches in one day, how many miles to drive for a cache, the numbers went on and on… one of the biggest records we achieved on this trip was that BIG BEAR. reached his 10,000 cache!!  I also got to my 2000th!  Not only did we break records it was a weekend I lost a ring, and we almost lost a GPS out the window!  Whew….  backed up and grabbed it and it was ok, and Big Bear replaced the ring with one that commemorates the ET Trail, with the dates we did the trail and our Teams initials… BB T2C SS, very cool.

After saying Good Bye to Sean, and promising to meet up with him soon to do more Geocaching, and off Big Bear and I went back to Redding, California.

Our Team

Big Bear, Tru2Cntry, SeanStafford

ET Trail # E.T. 1021

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