San Francisco Virtuals, Webcams & Earthcaches

BIG BEAR & T2C at The Golden Gate Bridge

Nov 27, 2011 – We had a blast on our continued hunt for all the Virtuals in San Francisco. Starting out on Thanksgiving Day on the East Side of San Francisco and continuing our hunt today

on the South and North San Francisco today. We now have all the Virtuals in San Francisco, and the Webcams too.

It seems the day took on a hiking theme all on its own, where on Thanksgiving Day almost all of the Virtuals we did were drive-ups. Today started with Igor, which was about a half mile hike with some unnecessary bushwhacking and the day ended with hiking up a trail to the Marin Headlands 2 Virtual. And since this was San Francisco all of them were up hill.. of course!!

This day will stay with me forever, we visited some sites in San Francisco that I have always wanted to go to… I will include a list of them… if you ever get to do some of the Virtuals, Webcams and Earthcaches in San Francisco don’t hesitate, you won’t be disappointed. All were amazing spots that took you to some hidden parts of the city and also some very well known places around San Francisco.

And now I have a Smiley at everyone. We had great weather for the most part too, even though it was November, so bring your coat, it gets a little chilly but bring your camera too… as BIG BEAR
always says… Cache on!

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What Geocaches are on your “To Do” list?

GC2HM1M I Left My Heart In San Francisco Earthcache
GCG504 Fort Funston Webcam
GC958B Everyone Knows It’s Windy
GCC0E7 Whole Lot of Shakin’
GCJQXJ Three Dancing Maidens
GC7AED Pt. Cavallo
GCBD05 They Went Thataway
GCJQXJ Three Dancing Maidens

Another really cool thing that we discovered was an Auto Audio Tour for San Francisco, we stopped at a Virtual and looked over and saw an Audio tour sign with a phone number and called it. It gave us the history of that particular sight which already added to doing the Virtual in the area. I am including a link just in case someone wants more info or might want to do the Audio Tour, it’s by phone and you just drive around to the different points dial the number and it gives you the history for that particular sight. Pretty cool! This is their website:

Homepage :: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area: Home.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service).

This link is to the Fort Baker Cell Phone Tour:

Golden Gate National Recreation Area – Fort Baker Cell Phone Tour (U.S. National Park Service).




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