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2011 – FEB 13th – Sweetheart Event

GC2315H Sweetheart Event

Rat & Mushroom put on a very cool Event every year called the Sweetheart Event.   We meet at the Roundtable Pizza in town, it’s fun to meet all the new Geocachers and hear all the Adventures all the “Been Geocaching since” Geocachers!  The raffle prizes are very cool too!  This year we had one especially for all the Geocachers who Jeep to the Caches and Dakotachix won an Ammo box that she will be launching soon!  Thanks goes to Rat & Mushroom for an outstanding job putting this Event together, can’t wait till next years! P.S. I didn’t know I had a Sweetheart… 😉


2011 – JAN 16th – Bleeping at the Moon

Sometime on the ride back from LaMoine Dakotachix starts talking about the cache called “Bleeping to the Moon”  It is a combination Night Cache/Chirp Cache in which you have to have a Chirp enabled Garmin to get the location.  Sean says my Garmin can do a Chirp cache! Well that was all we needed to hear, Dakotachix says Sean I hope you don’t have to be home anytime soon because your being “Geonapped”  LOL!!  She was calling her brothers to meet us out there and we were on our way to do Bleeping to the Moon!

We got there and started wandering, not really knowing where to go, you have to be within 50 of the signal to get the “Chirp” that downloads the coordinates to your GPS.  We wandered around awhile and scratched our heads, then decided to head back to square one, the parking area.

Got back to square one and it was getting dark enough that we got our first clue, you see it really should be dark when your trying to do a night cache.  And when we first got there it was still way to light.  Ok, now we are starting to see the trail pop out!  We are on our way down the trail following the flashlights and Bleeping to the Moon all the way.  After a while following the trail sure enough Seans Garmin starts to Chirp the location.  Now we have to find the cache.  And it was a full Moon.  This was a whole bunch of fun for all of us!!

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