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Cali~Bear celebrates her Birthday in Benicia

I have a birthday coming up, and my wish is to go Geocaching for the weekend. BIG BEAR and SeanStafford two of my favorite cachers to cache with took me up on the offer and were able to get away too! BIG BEAR looked around for an area that we all could cache and spotted the cool little town of Benicia. We like to do Virtuals and there were 10 or more around Benicia that we could do with some traditional and multi caches as well. We met up with Sean around 9:30 Sunday morning and the weather was beautiful, so off we go!

This was our first stop. This virtual told the history of the founder of the town and how the town got it’s name. Did you know that Benicia was the first city in the new state of California to be incorporated and at the same time was named the county seat of Solano County? And for a time it was the capitol of California, before the legislature moved to Sacramento?

GC94A4 Drunken Sailor (Virtual Cache)by TeamMoehrke.


Now up to the center of the little town of Benicia to this Virtual:

GC98C2 Working Capitol (Virtual Cache) by dgreno.


Out behind the Capitol Building there was a rather bumpy brick path that took us by several historical plaques commemorating events around Benicia and then we found an old Barn full of wagons and antiques, it is part of the Museum that is now inside the Capitol Building.

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The little town of Benicia is home to quite a few more fun caching adventures:

GCEF85 Another Quiet Corner in Benicia (Virtual Cache) by Joe & Connie

Exterior of the former California State Capito...

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What do you want for Christmas? A Power Trail!

BIG BEAR and I went to Lake Tahoe for Christmas and spent the day finding Virtuals around the Lake Tahoe area. BIG BEAR was checking out the area on the computer the next morning and says there is a Power Trail: GC368DX Truckee ‘s 1st power trail! Love DIZFIZ #1  by Dizfiz close by with 50 caches!  So we headed over that way to see if it was possible.  Wow, we had a blast, yes there was snow and locked gates but if you have a Jeep those are just obstacles that add to the adventure!  Started around 1:30 and finished at 4:30!   Great way to spend Christmas Day with your best friend!

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South Lake Tahoe near "Heavenly Village"

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