Thanksgiving Picnic in Golden Gate Park

BIG BEAR & T2C at Inspiration Point - San Francisco

Nov 24, 2011 What an amazing day…. BIG BEAR and I decided to do all the Geocache Virtuals  we could do in San Francisco. We packed up out Thanksgiving Dinner and headed towards Treasure Island the first Virtual on BEARS list. Every Virtual was just over the top amazing and took us on a tour or San Francisco that you just can’t get from a tour book. I saw things I’ve always wanted to see and went to some places I San Francisco that I never knew were there!! It was a Thanksgiving Day that I will never forget!

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Virtual Geocaches are some of my favorite Geocaches to visit.  There is no physical Geocache but the coordinates take you to a location that is a favorite of the Geocacher that placed it.  Since Geocache Virtuals can no longer be published they are a favorite of mine to do.  Because they were part of Geocaching when it first started most of them if not all of them have very old placed dates which fill in our Jasmer Calendar too.  I am usually so amazed when we arrive at the coordinates, its never what I expect.  It is either a hike up to see a beautiful view that I never would have seen, or a lesson in history that I didn’t know… did you know that their is a Time Capsule in the Train Station in San Francisco?  Geocaching Virutal  can take you to some unexpected landmark, or it can be a combination of all three: a beautiful view, a history lesson and a landmark!  You don’t know until you arrive at the coordiates or the Geocaching Virtual.  Where did your last adventure take you?  Someplace unexpected?  Mine did! 🙂

Anyone of these is a destination unto itself, we captured them all in a day plus a few more!

GC21EA The Great Lobos  by Matt & Toxic
GC7AED Pt. Cavallo by Mike, Matthew, Elizabeth and Plummen
GCA7F2 Marin Headlands Two by SpiderTracks, FrogFace & SpiderCubs
GCA7F1 Marin Headlands One by SpiderTracks (Adopted by JeeperDad)
GC958B Everyone Knows It’s Windy by mtn-man – My Favorite of the Day
GCE418 CalTrain – South San Francisco by normanb
GCJJF2 Inspiration Point Poetry by PisoMojado
GCHRJV House of Peace and Grace  by campyc – This was definitely a favorite too!

After we chased down most of the Virtuals around San Francisco it was time to find a place to have our Thanksgiving Dinner so we headed to Golden Gate Park.  We grabbed a couple of caches in the park all while we were keeping an eye out for a good picnic spot.  There are not a lot of picnic table in the park but we managed to find one just as we were about to just pull over and just eat out of the back of the van we spotted a picnic table!  Unpacked our Thanksgiving Dinner from the Picnic Basket and had a great Thanksgiving picnic in Golden Gate Park, it was beautiful!

After our picnic we were able to get the last few Geocaching Virtuals on our list before heading home after a really great Thanksgiving day!


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